Want to know more about #liquid #emulsion printing? #photography #London #LPF

London Photo Festival & London Photo Gallery

Estelle Vincent exhibited with us in May and many of you asked how she printed her beautiful images, and here’s how!

Liquid emulsion or liquid light is a silver-based sensitiser that can be applied on any surface, exposing by an enlarger, and processing in conventional chemistry. It is virtually the same emulsion found on ordinary photographic paper, but in a liquid form and can allow the emulsion to be coated on a wide range of surfaces like glass or wood.

The Reconstruction of Beirut: this series of images was produced by painting the emulsion on watercolour paper that was then sepia toned, scanned and enlarged on aluminium. By using this various techniques I hoped to convey a sense of the porous and permeable aspect of contemporary Beirut – where heritage, historification, pastiche and authenticity form the habitat of Beirutis who constantly have to adjust and renegotiate their everyday environment. This approach…

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