My project Interim Gardening will be published in a photo book as the results of an open call initiated by K- Collective. The book will feature a specially commissioned article by Guardian columnist and reknowed place-hacker, Bradley L Garrett.

The photo book will be on display at the ‘Privates Lives Public Space’ exhibition which will showcase the work of Esteban LalindeJack MacBeanLaurent PerrotEnzo Mercedes spanning the genres of landscape, architectural photography and portraiture.

Friday 27th November 17.00 – 20.00 ( with wine ! )
Saturday 28th November 13.00 – 18.00
Sunday 29th November 13.00 -17.00 
Fiumano Fine Art

Unit 12 | 21, Wren Street, WC1X 0HF London

© Estelle Vincent

This exhibition is concerned with examining the changing parameters of the public and private spheres and how these transformations are manifest particularly in city life; in the people and in the landscape. At a time of housing crisis and frequent over crowding, when a two hour commute means the train carriage stands in for the kitchen, the dressing room or the office, in a city where private moments are under cctv surveillance, how has the once strict dichotomy of public/private mutated and redefined itself? Who benefits from these changes, and who loses out? This exhibition aims to address these complex and typical questions through the medium of photography.

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